It can't have escaped anyone's attention that RBS and its subsidiaries; NatWest and Ulster Bank have had difficulties with their payment processing systems for the last two weeks. Following a software update glitch, customers have been unable to access their account funds from ATMs, make payments to creditors via direct debits or even get their salaries cleared in some cases.

Whilst expressing sincere regret at the inconvenience caused, RBS CEO Stephen Hester has also promised customers that they will not end up out of pocket as a result of any problems caused by the disruption. In addition to increasing call centre staff, banking hours have been extended past the usual opening times to deal with customer problems, and branches are even opening on Sundays in order to clear the backlog of payments.

If you are affected, it would be advisable to ensure that you keep track of your payments, expected income and outgoings, as well as any payments you know you will have difficulties in making due to funds not being present from a salary, etc. Although RBS has pledged to resolve all issues caused, it will make life easier for everyone if you can supply documentation to support any claim you have for late payment charges or the like.

A good way of doing this is getting hold of a free copy of your credit repot. This will show any negative effects on your credit score that may have been caused by the processing disturbance - RBS should then be able to assist you in contacting your creditors and getting this successfuly challenged - and removed - from your record, restoring your rating.

It is also worth being proactive and letting any scheduled lenders know you might have difficulties as a result of the recent issues in paying on time. Again, this will help getting any adverse notes on your file challenged and removed once the software update issue is resolved.


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